Catching up on the Discource

Catching up on the Discource

A brief bit on how I reclaim a portion of my labour time.

I work twelve hour shifts alone and often the work load on really covers about three to four hours if organised rationally, and its even less on weekends and nights. Now being alone can be rather exhausting emotionally and physically but I've learned some coping mechanisms. One is to listen to podcasts, mostly history, with a few entertainment programs. I discovered a podcast about Anarchism in the UK by Ian Bone, but that was years out of date. It was interesting to hear about these groups and initiatives but they've all folded years ago.

One podcast I've gotten into recently is is the Discourse Collective. They're a group of radicals (about five or six if I'm counting right) from several different political currents. They cover three topics, theory, mostly reading texts and discussing them. Episode 5 with discussion about Engels the Principles of Communism is a personal favourite. Current Events, self explanatory really they had an interesting episode on the Dutch Elections going through the political parties and how the Dutch system works. And culture mostly movie reviews so far, but they've moved onto the video game Night in the Woods.

They also have a lot of guests on from various different experiences and tendencies, I've heard anarchists, communists, a DSA organiser an Egoist etc. Despite my ideological disagreements I've found their contributions interesting.

A note on theory, I'm actually not very good when it comes to reading theory, I much prefer the histories and then going into the related theory afterwards. But I've found the theory episodes easier to get into, they're much easier to follow and have helped me get into the original works.

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May 23 2017 14:20


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May 23 2017 17:26

Sounds interesting. (BTW since this is basically a review of the podcast I have added the "reviews" tag)

May 24 2017 03:20

Given that I spend a good portion of my work day listening to podcasts and audiobooks and that I've scheduled a fair amount of making myself look busy while slacking off time into my job, I'll definitely check this out. Thanks.