Ben Goldacre 'Steal This Chapter'

Steal This Chapter

Joseph K's 'favourite liberal', NHS doctor and science writer Ben Goldacre has written about bullshit medical research, bogus science reporting, the placebo effect, and everything else from postmodernism to evolutionary psychology.

He's just made available the missing chapter from his Bad Science book, in case anyone's interested.

This is the “missing chapter” about vitamin pill salesman Matthias Rath. Sadly I was unable to write about him at the time that book was initially published, as he was suing my ass in the High Court. The chapter is now available in the new paperback edition, and I’ve posted it here for free so that nobody loses out.

Source: Bad Science

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Apr 13 2009 22:34


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Apr 14 2009 17:08

That Rath is some piece of shit. Cheers for the link.

Apr 14 2009 18:42

a pleasure smile

Apr 16 2009 16:32

cheers hon. Had it bought as a present, loved it to bits, now i get another reason to ignore work for an evening. xx