Annual report 2007

Look! red and black lines

Since it's the end of the year, here's a very short annual report, with a graph!

This year at has seen a lot of changes. We upgraded to Drupal 5.x, fixed some long standing forum issues, finally got our server to a point where it doesn't crash every day. The site has also seen over 1,300 new users and around 100,000 forum posts since this time last year.

After hovering around 70-80,000 unique visitors per month for most of the past year, this has increased to 120,000 per month recently. Nearly all those extra visitors are coming from search engines and incoming links, and it's the highest number of people we've ever had looking at

In a typical recent month, we get one million page impressions, and 200,000 separate visits - an average of 1.5 visits per person looking at six pages each. Around 500 different people log in to the site each month posting around 8,000 forum posts between them, and 120 new people sign up.

Our most popular articles have been read tens of thousands of times this year. Including Interview with a former sex text worker (a perennial favourite), The Haymarket Martyrs, and Pirates!

Our most read news coverage, with articles being viewed 2-3,000 times each has been the Royal Mail strikes in the UK, massive strikes by workers in Bangladesh and Egypt, and the recent strikes and student occupations in France.

In 2008, we're going to upgrade to Drupal 6, continue the overhaul of our history, library and thought sections. We'll also be working on map and timeline integration, improved user profiles and other cool stuff.

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Jan 1 2008 10:15


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