After the meeting(s)

Bit of a poor turn-out for the all-members' meeting this lunchtime -- 11. We've been getting 15-20 in previous months (about half the membership), but I suppose it's annual leave time, and it's also fucking hot.

One of the reps is leaving to join the Met eek, but luckily someone other than me has expressed an interest. Plus she's articulate & stroppy, which is always good.

Looks like the remaining rep is being attacked on two fronts by the management at the moment -- on the one hand a spurious disciplinary, on the other, an attempt to undermine her as a union rep. The second one of these from a senior manager who's also in the union. Managers first, trade unionists second -- that's always been my experience, anyway.

I get the feeling this manager is shitting it because they've been caught spying on workers here. And also attempting to use personal e-mail correspondence between workers as grounds for disciplinaries. Of course, this isn't illegal, but it's not like these were dodgy e-mails -- just people discussing their jobs.

We've only had a union here for a few months, although a few of us have been doing stuff for longer than that, and I think it's come as a shock to the management that they can't do quite what the fuck they want anymore.

I've also been to a SolFed meeting (on Tuesday), but I suppose I really should type up the minutes before I post any more shite on here. wink

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