After years of falling wages and worsening working conditions are we now seeing a new shape to the working class?

Warehouse workers strike for a 15% pay increase, but much more is at stake. Report and analysis from the picket line.

In late September 2017 the IWW London branch invited friends and comrades to take part in an organising drive in West London factories and warehouses. We chose half a dozen companies, employing...

Rent strikers in Hamilton, Ontario were not intimidated when corporate suits showed up at their door demanding rent.


Angry brigade suspect's

Second of our two-part interview with John Barker, Angry Brigade prisoner, covering the arrests, the sensational trial, his time in prison and the political situation upon his release in the late...



A short account of the circus clown duo Bim-Bom and their encounter with the Cheka in revolutionary Russia.


Libcom's organising toolkit - guides to organising at work, in your local area and more.